August 2nd & 3rd 2018 Kenosee Lake, Saskatchewan


Soul Feast is a Mind, Body, and Spirit Event on the Lake. There will be a large variety of workshops/classes, healing sessions, and vendors. It's the weekend before August Long on August 2rd & 3rd! 

What this event delivers is a multitude of alternative ways for those who aren’t experiencing healing in their lives and suffering in any way to come and nurture themselves. Allowing nature and light to penetrate their being activating their own innate ability to heal. 

 Gates open at 12pm and close at 8:00pm. 

Chris Byrne will be performing a live acoustic concert Thursday August 2 at 8:00 pm on the lake. 

Campers Encouraged.

You Will Experience: 

A weekend to dive deep into your self practice and explore holsitic offerings and local vendors.

Basking in this massive energetic vortex is so powerfully healing without attending a single session just “being” in this energy.

This community of loving, nurturing and alternative healing souls coming together that your exposed to! 

Meeting your soul family is powerfully nurturing!  

Heading out to the lake on the water surrounded by the forest and trees is a healing experience in itself!

I’m married to a wonderful man and have two beautiful children and I’m living a life that feels so good to be me!!! I’m living a life that feels so very important!! I feel like for the first time in my life that who I am is in alignment with exactly what my greatest gifts have been all along!! Its like the feeling of coming home every single day!!!  

For me, this is an absolute miracle in itself as I lived years struggling. On the outside it would have appeared that I was popular and fun and traveled the world and everyone loved looked like I lived the best life but inside I was very depressed and so anxious all the time wondering if I was ever doing the right thing and if I was ever good enough. Trying SO hard all the time and it was exhausting. Then I would come home and feel so tired my family would get the unpleasant Tami. It never seemed to matter how many people told me how awesome I was or how many people loved me as I would think in my head well you don’t know the ‘real’ me I only show you the fake smile and bubbly appearance I worked so hard to paint on for so many years therefore that you tell me I’m so special means nothing to me. 

I now can’t get that special feeling you're looking for from other people. I remember thinking this isn’t my life...there has to be more to life than hating yourself, constant judgment and fear, depression and anxiety, struggling financially and in all my relationships. Shouting at your loved ones. I remember thinking I am HERE for something so much there was still a part of me that knew it could be so much better.  

2009, my world fell apart. I hit my rock bottom. As difficult as that place is...there was SO much beauty there. I met an incredible teacher by the name of Stuart Mooney, a brain scientist that lived in India at the base of the Himalayans studying the minds of Siddhas, Saints and Gurus for 30 years. He taught me the art of meditation, living the present moment, self awareness and the path of self illumination.  

I now live my life SO very grateful for the opportunity to be me!!! I nurture myself with my thoughts and actions and in turn I feel nourished in every area of my life!!! It’s a complete 360 from where I began in 2009!! My life completely transitioned!! I now dedicate my life to helping others experience the same inner healing and complete transition or transformation. Twice a year I select a group of individuals I work with one on one to guide them through this extraordinary process!! I have learnt and witnessed on my path that all healing comes from the inside out and it's my joy to guide others!!! Using my intuition and insights to help others see themselves from the place of love and kindness as we nurture our way back to a life of fulfillment and purpose!!! 

I help others to shine as I do!!! Unveiling the very best in others seems to nurture the very best in me!!!!  

All my love always, Tami.

Over the course of our 2 Day Event we have a variety of local holistic practitioners available to book in with and receive their divine services. 

TO BOOK: Please reach out to the healer peronally via pohone or email to schedule in a healing session of your choice over the course of the weekend. 

Katherine Dempsey

Intuitive Sound Healer Reiki Master Spring Forest Qigong Level 1 Trainer Phone: 306-371-2889

Carey Lamoureaux Roots Healing & Wellness 

Blissfully peaceful healing sessions that will fill you with light. Magically relaxing!  

(306) 575- 7618  

Mystic Mai 

International Psychic Healer Reader, Shaman, Reiki Master, Spiritual Counsellor and Empowerment Coach Phone/text: (306) 737 7601

Preston Dumaine

Intuitive healing, happiness and life coaching through card readings, guided meditations, and intuitive spiritual healings. 

My phone number is 1 (306) 452-7663 email

Laurel Lamb

Integrated Energy Therapy with the Angels & Judy Gandza

Contact. 204-851-0026. Email

Jamie Misanchuk

Reiki, Access Bars, Inutitive Healing Sessions, IET  

Contact: (306)-577-3377

Sheila Farstad

Intuitive Healing and Guidance Energy Sessions 306-471-0305 


 Colour Sound Therapy, Reiki, Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Raindrop, Celectrology

(306) 743-2604

Judy Gandza

Integrated Energy Therapy with the Angels & Laurel Lamb Reiki Master- Bars Access Consciousness - Meditation Guide  

(204)-773-0249 or  

Sheena from SOHUM

Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Therapy 

(306) 280 8955 or (306) 881 8949

Leanne Marie

Body Talk Sessions


  Robert Blackmore from SOHUM

Past Life and Sound Healing Therapy 

(306) 280 8955 or (306) 881 8949 

Melony Dew Prairie Serenity Holisitic Healing  

Reiki Master and Energy Healer 306-421-6341  

Over the course of Soul Feast 2018 we have a variety of vendors that will be offering readings, selling angel cards, clothes, sacred handcrafted items, and more!

Liz Bohnert

 Reiki, Zero Sum of Trauma and Access Bars. 

Beauti Control stock. Come take advantage of 50% off products while they last!  

Soul Shift Healing (306)-861 5294 

Laurie Ann from LA Arts

Laurie will be selling her original art work 

Connie Sedlovich

Pure Blyss Clothing

Tammy Woroshuk

Offering swedish, myofasical release, reiki, and therapeutic massage

Shirley Rehm

Whispering Angels Healing. Psychic, Mediumship, Palm, Angel Cards and Rune Reads. Energy Healers, Chakra Tuning, and Spell Craft 

Jackie Doty

Modere Chemical Free Products

Amanda Snezyk 

Young Living Essential Oils

Maureen Bandas

Psychic Intuitive Healer, Access Bars with Psychic Reading and Energy healing (306) 331-5866

Dawn Weber

Reflexology / Intuitive

Lyndon Gervais

Access Consciousnes Bars and Facelift , and Intuiive Reiki  

Leading Chakra Dance Workshop (306) 487-7169

Laurie Schnell 

Serenity Wellness and Workshop: Anxiety Brain Gym


Tara Lee

Crystal Diffuser Jewelry

Colleen Marcotte

Intuitive Card Readings and Sessions  

(306) 861-2648 

Dolores Young

Voxx Poducts

Marilyn Marostica

Hemp Worx

Joseph Poirier

Healing with the Divine Rods 1-306-761-5584

Misti Bigeagle


Carly Du

Tarot Reader phone/text: (306) 891- 8894

Sandra Veer

Angel Card Reading

Roberta Lynn

Reiki, Reflexology , tapping meditation specific to self care and finding joy in life (306) 897- 7995 

Krista Seibel 

Equidorian Wares Clothing, Bags, Scarves, & more! 

For each workshop we require our guests to contact the leader offering the workshop to book in their spot! (see details above or below each workshop)

August 2nd

12:00 pm

Gates Open

12:00pm -1:30 pm (MTC)

The Rise of the Divine Feminine and the Power of the Mer (Mermaid Workshop)

Mystic Mai 

Register: Phone/text: (306) 737 7601 

$60.00 / per person

12:00pm - 1:00pm (outside)

Mindfulness for Kids (ages 5-12) Morgan Waslyk  

Register: or (306)-327-8441  

$15.00/kid or $25 for family 

1:30pm - 2:30pm (MTC)

 Yoga Nidra Ashley Draper 

 2:30pm -5:00pm (MTC)

Devotional Dance Workshop Sheena Oliphant 

$50 per person

5:00pm - 6:30pm (outside)

Postpartum, Premenopause, and Perimenopause Restortative Health Morgan Waslyk 

Register: or (306)-327-8441  

5:00pm - 7:00pm (MTC)

Painting Your Goddess Warrior Shelia Farstad 

5:30pm - 7:00pm

Past Lives - The History of Your Soul Robert Blackmore 

Register: 306 280 8955 or 306 881 8949  

$70/per person (limit of 8 people)  

6:30pm - 7:30pm

Chakra Dance Lyndon Gervais

Register: (306) 487-7169


CONCERT: Chris Bryne 

* note extra ticket for concert 

August 3rd


Gates Open

12:00pm - 1:30 pm (MTC)  

Crow Circle Workshop  

Mystic Mai  

Register: Phone/text: (306) 737 7601 

12:00pm - 2:00pm (Catecism Bldg.)

Tarot and Numerlogy - Cycle of Divine Order

Carly Du

Register: phone/text: (306) 891- 8894

$50.00 / person 

1:30pm - 2:30pm (MTC)

Gentle Flow Yoga Ashley Draper 

Yoga Strength Class

2:30pm - 4:30pm (MTC)

Sounds of Joy 

Crystal Sound Bowl Worskhop Kathrine Dempsey 

Register: Email: Phone: 306-371-2889

$88 /per person

2:30pm- 4:00pm (outside) 

Teens Master Class (13+ age)  

Morgan Waslyk  

Register: or (306)-327-8441  

$35 each  

3:30pm- 4:30pm (outside or Catecism) 

Healing Meditation Sandra Veer 

4:30pm- 6:30pm (MTC) 

Anxiety Brain Gym Laurie Schnell  

Call: 306-501-1916 

4:00pm- 5:30pm (Music Bldg.) 

Art Intuitive Creating- Experiencing from the inside out Sheila Farstad 

5:30pm- 7:30pm 

Chakras + Sound- Vibrational Resonance and Your Energy Centers Robert Blackmore 

Register: 306 280 8955 or 306 881 8949  

$70/per person (limit of 8 people)  


 Group Drumming Healig Circle









Please reach out to if you have any questions about this year’s event.

  • Address: Kenosee Lake
  • Phone: 1-306-575-8975
  • Email: